How to send bitcoin from paper wallet

how to send bitcoin from paper wallet

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How to Use a Paper. Please use another app to move bitcoin to your hardware. Make sure that the paper. Below is a list of recommended wallet apps for each may send your bitcoin, bitcoin private key begins with 5. Exodus Windows, Mac, Linux Specific. We are unable to refund any digital currency purchases, including those sent to a paper brief instructions for how to use paper wallets with each.

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For the Last Time, Stop Using Paper Wallets!
You can do this by scanning the QR code of the recipient paper wallet or by entering the public address manually in the "send" section of a Bitcoin wallet. Your paper wallet's bitcoins can now be spent by going to the �Send� tab, entering the recipient's Bitcoin address, an amount, fee amount, and clicking �Send�. Sending or transferring bitcoins from a paper wallet is easy with the right app. All you need to do is carefully transfer your bitcoins to a software wallet.
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What Is Bitcoin Cash? Not Helpful 1 Helpful 2. Although they are every bit as safe and functional as they have always been, nowadays, Paper Wallets are typically used to store coins temporarily until they can be moved to a less fragile wallet. You Might Also Like. Co-authors: 7.