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NOTHING makes me want to buy Constellation Dag.
The DAG is a directed acyclic graph. It is notably used by the Ethereum Classic cryptocurrency and other coins operating in a Proof of Work. DAG stands for Directed Acyclic Graph and without going into too many details, it is a crucial file in ETH and ETC mining. DAG file size grows over time. Market Depth Chart DAG/ETH HitBTC is a platform for digital asset and currency exchange where you can quickly and securely trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS.
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You can find out the DAG size of a coin by searching for the coin in the search icon. From the seed, one can compute a 16 MB pseudorandom cache. This is equivalent to a modification of a block in the blockchain. DAG stands for "Directed Acyclic Graphs," which is a mathematical system used to create computerized distributed systems and networks. Without this, mining may be impossible due to outdated hardware.